Congratulations to El Chaparral members team for the victory on the 7th Edition of the Summer Mix Interclub competition. We are very pleased to have all of you with us!!!

For the last 6 years, several golf clubs on the Costa del Sol have taken part in a Summer Mixed Interclub competition. The competition requires each club to have a team of six mixed pairs, who play every fortnight at the courses of the participating clubs. The best four scores from each club are then taken into account and points awarded to the clubs for their ranking in total points score.

El Chaparral won the trophy with only 3 points difference from Atalaya Golf.

Nick Cripps, Club Captain, and Lady Captain, Jane Wagner, led the El Chaparral team – and successfully so, as the team finished winner in the overall ranking over the six matches – only 3 points difference to the actual winners, Atalaya.

Apart from the competitive nature of the event, it is also a very social occasion, with a meal, drinks and prize presentations after every match. The event at El Chaparral was very successful, with all the visitors commenting positively  on the organisation, facilities and food – the only down-side being that a lot of them seemed to find the El Chaparral course a bit daunting (probably due to the fact that all the other participating courses are a bit “wider” off the tee)!