Last Thursday April 2nd it took place the I Tournament at El Chaparral Golf Club facilities.

A large number of players wanted to celebrate the arrival of Easter enjoying a wonderful golf day and made up their minds to play this great Tournament. The good atmosphere was obvious early in the morning since the tee off shotgun was at 8.30 am. It was an excellent sunny day and the journey went by without incident.

After the competition, the prize-giving and cocktail took place at the Club House.
Qualification finished as follows:
Ladies Single Category:
–    1st. Pilar Sousa Riobó, with 39 points
–    2nd. Linda Lucia Martín, with 34 points
–    3rd. Mª Carmen Noguero Aguililla, with 33 points

Gentlemen First Category:
–    1st. Francisco Díaz Aguilar, with 37 points.
–    2nd. Antonio Gomez Rodriguez, with 35 points. ( hcp 14,2)
–    3rd. José Delgado González, with 35 points. (hcp 16)

Gentlemen Second Category:
–    1st. Luis Aranaz Larrañeta, with 39 points.
–    2nd. Julián Romaguera Mena, with 34 points.
–    3rd.. Salvador Pérez Racero, with 33 points.

–    Oliver Mena Ruiz, with 34 points

Nearest the Pint (Hole 10)
–    Julián Romaguera Mena

Longest Drive (Hole13)
–    Luis Aranaz Larrañeta Luis Aranaz Larrañeta

El Chaparral Golf Club Management wants to thank all participants and to congratulate the winners in the different categories.

El Chaparral also thanks all its sponsors and collaborators, especially Viajes Marimartour, represented by Juan Pujales, and Golf & Travel Events, represented by Nuria Puig, which bent over backwards for the Tournament.