Last June 11th the Ibericar Benet Golf Tournament was played as part of the Mercedes Trophy 2010. El Chaparral Golf Club welcomed the 19th Ibericar Benet Tournament with the participation of one of the largest number of amateur players.

The fight among the participants in this tournament in order to take part in the National Final, which will take place in September 16th-18th in the Rompido Golf Hotel (El Rompido, Huelva), was strenuous as it is shown in the success of this edition held at El Chaparral Golf Club facilities.

The Tournament was played following the Stableford scoring format with only one round of 18 holes in two categories. There was a high level and the participants had to thoroughly play in order to reach the final victory.

The winners were:

·    1st Qualifier 1st category: Salvador González Martín           38 points
·    2nd Qualifier 1st category: Antonio Soler Gómez                      37 points
·    1st Qualifier 2nd category: Sergio Haro Rodríguez                38 points
·    2nd Qualifier 2nd category: Juan Carlos López Gámez          35 points
·    Best Par 3: Manuel Suárez got the special prize of Julián Martín hole that consisted of a Spanish gourmet cured ham, the same one that all the participants tasted when playing in said hole.
·    Ladies Longest Drive: Lina López.
·    Gentlemen Longest Drive: Salvador González Martín.
·    Scratch Winner: Francisco Cervilla Rodríguez.

The participation of 120 players made the effort of winners to be shown in the final result since they achieved an amazing score in a day with unbeatable weather conditions for golf playing.

All players taking part in the 19th Ibericar Benet Tournament got a Welcome Pack with the Official Sweater from the Mercedes Trophy Circuit as well as balls and a cap from TaylorMade.

Besides the traditional prize-giving, Ibericar Benet closed its Tournament with a generous draw full of the latest TaylorMade articles and a cocktail party enjoyed by all the participants.