El Chaparral Golf Club held the “III Monthly member’s tournament” on Tuesday 13th March 2012.

It was another exciting and fun tournament remarked by the friendly atmosphere, the incredible shape of the course, the presence of new members and tight scores of the day.

Dereck Mcswiney and Arthur cascoe have same points 34 each and because of different of hcp “The Mug” this time was for Dereck Mcswiney with hcp 11.3 against 12,1hcp of Arthur.

After the competition, all Chaparral members enjoyed a few drinks at the terrace during the prize giving.
On the 17th of this month, El Chaparral will held the next edition of this tournament so, let’s go for the “April Mug”


Mcswiney Derek. 34 points.
Cascoe, Arthly. 34 points.
Tallon, John. 33 points.