With a sunny but cold day was held in the beautiful and charismatic Golf El Chaparral the First Open Golf Fuengirola, where they have gathered about a hundred players. Despite the torrential rains that have hit the Costa del Sol during the last days, the golf course of El Chaparral, has hardly noticed the large amount of water, because its drainage system has worked perfectly, although it was clear that the golf course was heavy. The greens as is still common in this golf course have been fast forcing golfers to think and refine their strokes if they wanted to exploit to the fullest.

Preceding the awards ceremony has been served an appetizer, followed by lunch where participants have commented on the sets of the day.


1st Category

1. José Manuel Reina. 36 points

2. José Díaz. 35 points

3. Hati Oscari. 35 points

2nd Category

1. Sebastian Pérez. 35 points

2. Francisco Gómez. 33 points

3. Roth Heinz. 33 points

3rd Category

1. Sebastián Fuentes. 32 points

2. Mariano García. 31 points

3. José F. Rodríguez. 29 points