Students of golf management at the hotel and leisure industry school Ciomijas organized their first tournament at El Chaparral Golf Club.

Nearly a hundred players attended the event on the 13th July at el Chaparral Golf Club thanks to the excitement and effort of this group of 16 students, who managed to fill a golf tournament at low season without any prior experience in this area.

However, the way to achieve this success was not easy. During a period of two months and with the help and supervision of Domingo Gavira (director of El Chaparral) the students became aware of the commitment and effort put in each organizational process of a tournament:  the search of partners and players, marketing campaigns, logistics, and the preparation of the golf course.

The tournament developed normally. The pace of play was very good, despite the technical difficulty of the golf course. The scores were very tight, especially between those players among the top of each category.

In the first category the winner Carlos Mena and the runner-up Oskari Hati equalized in points, choosing Carlos Mena as the winner due to his low handicap.

In the second category Juan Moreno beat Juan Ignacio Galán by just two points, and there was an unusual three-way tie in the third position.

The sisters Marta and Cristina Lopez led the ladies category obtaining the first and second position respectively, followed by María Noguero (third classified).

After a hard day of play the participants attended the cocktail party and awards ceremony in the hall of Calamijas Hotel. Many of the players were awarded and obtained incredible prizes during the raffle thanks to all our partners.

All participants and organisers were very satisfied, highlighting the great work of the students during the process of preparation and development of the event.


First Category
1.- Carlos Mena 37 points
2.- Oskari Hati 37
3.- Pedro Vera 36
4.- Santiago Rios 35
+.- Santiago Torres 35
6.- J.M Osorio 33
+.- Alfonso Gómez 33

Second Category
1.- Juan Moreno 40 points
2.- Juan I. Galán 38
+.- Antonio Guerrero 38
+.- José M.Morales 38
+José A. Cotes 38

Ladies Category
1.- Marta López 36 points
2.- Cristina López 28
3.- María de Noguero 27
+.- Susana Obertello 27
5.- María J. Hidalgo 26
+.- Claudia Mejía 26