The A&B Golf School works with a new video analysis programme that sends you your video analysis by email and SMS. Therefore, you will be able to watch your video analysis not only during the lesson but also anywhere and anytime, uploading it to your Facebook account, posting on twitter, etc…

From now on it will be impossible for you to forget what you learnt during your golf lesson, because you will have a personalized access to your video analysis from our website

You will be able to watch your last lessonsí videos, recommended drills and your improvement.

If you have a smartphone you will be able to watch your lesson on it from any of these applications at anytime of the day.

The first student to try this new software was RocÌo Pomares. She showed her total surprise when the lesson ended and she received a promt SMS with the video of her lesson. “It is great!! You have your video analysis right after your lesson and you can watch it anytime you want!”

Try this great new software booking a lesson with the A&B Golf School, via email or by phone calling +34 656830265 and you will be able to show your video analysis to all your family and friends.