On last Tuesday 28th May El Chaparral celebrate the fifth edition of the members monthly competition.

With more than 30 players a great sponsor like Hc Hospitales and a sunny day the members enjoy the golf with the following scores:

Winner Olejoan with 34 points, second position with same points but higher hcp Lucy and on third position Ladie Captain Caroline Melia with 30.

After the match all the players enjoyed as always few beers on the club terrace during the price givining.

With the last two monthly competitions we have the following Ranking:

Members Ranking

1. Mcsorley, John 36 pts.
2. Melia, Hugh 20 pts.
3. Lucy 20 ptos.
4. Tony, Mamic 16 pts.
5. Horton, Francis 14 pts.
6. Frank, Paterson 13 pts.
7. Kelly, Patrick 13 pts.
8. Nicol, David 12 pts.
9. O. J Von Eli 12 pts.
10. Cascoe, Arthur 11 pts.