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The Augusta Masters: An Icon of World Golf

From its humble beginnings in 1934, the Augusta Masters has evolved into one of the world’s most prestigious sporting events. Each year, at the iconic Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, USA, the best golfers on the planet gather to compete for the iconic green jacket and the honour of being crowned champion.

The Augusta Masters has a great history behind it, the tournament was founded by Bobby Jones, a golf legend, and Clifford Roberts, a successful businessman. Their vision was to create a tournament that would attract the best golfers in the world. The first tournament was held in 1934 and since then it has been an annually recurring event and the most anticipated major for golf fans around the world.

The Augusta Masters is always full of memorable moments. From incredible shots to dramatic finishes, the tournament is packed with moments that are etched in the memory of golf fans forever. Whether it’s a winning putt on the 18th hole or a game-saving shot from deep in the rough, each moment adds extra excitement and suspense to the first major of the year.

The Magic of Augusta National:

Beyond the game itself, the Augusta Masters is also known for the magic of its location, Augusta National Golf Club. With its lush fairways, towering greens and blooming azaleas, the course provides the perfect backdrop for this prestigious tournament. The serene beauty of Augusta National is an integral part of the Masters experience, attracting players and spectators alike year after year. The magic of Magnolia Lane – that’s the name of the entrance road to the clubhouse, a 300-metre stretch flanked by magnolia trees that was built in the late 1850s and paved in 1947. It is one of the hallmarks of Augusta.

The green jacket, a universal symbol:

If there is one thing that symbolises Augusta worldwide, it is the colour green. Of its fairways and greens, obviously, but also of almost all the paraphernalia of the tournament and of the jackets worn by its members since 1937 and by its champions since 1949. The latter own it for one year and return it the following year. It is a tradition that the last winner puts it on the new champion at the final ceremony of the tournament. A simple piece of green cloth in appearance, it is in reality much more: one of the most distinguished trophies in the world of sport.

Masters augusta 2024

Spanish representation:

The magnificent course located in Georgia has been the scene of great performances by the best Spanish golfers throughout history. Seve Ballesteros was the first Spanish golfer to wear the green jacket in 1980, and he repeated this feat in 1983. It took 11 years to see a Spaniard at the top of the leaderboard at Augusta, José María Olazábal won the first of his green jackets in 1994, and he would repeat his triumph in 1999.

Once again, it took 18 years for another Spanish golfer to win at Augusta. Sergio García was finally able to lift a Major title, something he had been denied until now despite his great performances, becoming the third Spaniard to do so after Seve and Olazábal.

The sixth Augusta victory for Spanish golf came at the hands of the Basque Jon Rahm, who won the title at Augusta in 2023. Having previously won the U.S. Open, this victory gave him the second major in his career and also allowed him to regain the number 1 world ranking at that time.

Masters augusta 2024

The dinner of champions:

From the beginning, Jon was clear that the menu he would serve to the rest of the winners should reflect the gastronomy of his homeland, the Basque Country, as well as the most iconic flavours of typical Spanish cuisine. To design this menu, the golfer has had the collaboration of one of the best known Spanish chefs, also a good friend of the player: José Andrés. Together, they have created a complete menu that is a festival of flavours, where the most iconic tapas and pintxos of northern Spanish gastronomy will not be missing. A very special wine to accompany

To accompany the evening, the Basque has selected a very special wine, with which he shares his roots and to which he owes a very personal devotion. It is Imperial Gran Reserva 2017, a red wine made by Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España (CVNE), which was declared the best wine in the world by Wine Spectator in 2013.

The Spanish winery wanted to make a gesture to Jon by creating a special label for the occasion. With a green skirt, the colour of Augusta’s jacket, it reads: « Augusta 2023. Masters Champion. Jon Rahm ».

Favourites for victory:

The bookmakers are always a great indicator of the form of the world’s top golf stars,American Scottie Scheffler and Jon Rahm are the bookmakers’ favourites to win their second green jackets at the Augusta Masters which gets underway this week.

The battle between the two great dominators of world golf is expected to be exciting.

From Chaparral Golf Club we wish good luck to the 85 players that make up the field of the tournament and especially to the 4 Spaniards who will fight for victory in the first and expected major of the year.