Guía completa para un verano inolvidable en Málaga y Mijas

Summer in Málaga and Mijas is synonymous with sun, beach, culture, and fun. These two gems of the Costa del Sol offer a variety of activities for all tastes. If you’re planning your vacation, here is a complete guide on what to do in summer in Málaga and Mijas, with a special touch for golf lovers: a visit to the fantastic Chaparral Golf Club.

Enjoy the Sun and the Beach

Málaga: Playa de la Malagueta and Muelle Uno

A visit to Málaga is not complete without spending a day at Playa de la Malagueta. This spot is perfect for relaxing under the sun, enjoying the sea, watching the boats, and tasting the famous sardine skewers at the local beach bars.

Mijas: Playa de Calahonda in Mijas.

Playa de Calahonda is also an ideal destination. With crystal clear water and golden sand, it is a perfect place for swimming and water sports like paddle surfing and snorkeling.

Explore Culture and History

Cultural tourism in Málaga and Mijas is of great importance, as both towns offer a rich historical and artistic heritage that attracts visitors from all over the world. Málaga, with its renowned museums like the Picasso Museum and the Centre Pompidou, and its architectural heritage including the Alcazaba and the Cathedral, provides an immersive experience in Andalusian history and art.

Mijas, on the other hand, combines its charming old town, with cobbled streets and whitewashed houses, with living traditions such as donkey taxis and local crafts. This type of tourism not only enriches the cultural visits but also fosters the local economy, preserves traditions, and promotes cultural exchange, establishing Málaga and Mijas as essential destinations on Spain’s tourist route.


Málaga: Alcazaba and Roman Theatre

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Málaga by visiting the Alcazaba, a Muslim fortress offering panoramic views of the city. Right next to it, you will find the Roman Theatre, an impressive vestige of ancient Rome.

Mijas: Pueblo Blanco

The charming village of Mijas, with its narrow streets and whitewashed houses, is a perfect place for a cultural walk. Don’t miss the Wine Museum and the bullring, which offers a spectacular view of the Andalusian landscape.

Delight in Local Gastronomy

Málaga: Mercado de Atarazanas

The Atarazanas Market is a must-visit for food lovers. Here you can enjoy a wide variety of fresh products and local tapas, from seafood to Iberian ham.

Mijas: Typical Gastronomy

In Mijas, try the typical Andalusian cuisine in one of its many traditional restaurants. Dishes like gazpacho, Porra Antequerana, and fresh fish are indispensable.

Experience Adventure

Málaga: Caminito del Rey

For the more adventurous, the Caminito del Rey is an unforgettable experience. This trail, considered one of the most breathtaking in the world, offers spectacular views of the Gaitanes Canyon.

Mijas: trekking in Sierra de Mijas

The Sierra de Mijas is perfect for hiking and mountain biking. Its routes offer direct contact with nature and amazing panoramic views.

Play golf at Chaparral Golf Club

Chaparral Golf Club:

A Unique golf experience for golf lovers, there is no better complement to your vacation in Málaga and Mijas than a round at the Chaparral Golf Club. This 18-hole golf course, designed by Pepe Gancedo, is known for its challenging design and impressive natural surroundings.

Málaga and Mijas are ideal destinations for a summer vacation, offering a perfect mix of sun, culture, gastronomy, and adventure. And if you are a golf enthusiast, you can’t miss the opportunity to play at the prestigious Chaparral Golf Club. Pack your bags and come discover everything this wonderful region has to offer!