The pleasant and friendly Finnish community located in Fuengirola, and active member of Lions-Suomi, gathered at El Chaparral Golf Club to celebrate their Lions Tournament.

Among the goals that the Club Lions-Suomi had in mind, was to raise funds for their organisation, which they have certainly achieved after a positive response from both partners and supporters, who have joined this good work.
As for the game itself, the day began with a peaceful setting, as well as the magnificent temperature despite the early hour, which undoubtedly was a perfect invitation to enjoy a golfing day.
The competition was carried out under the stableford modality, with full handicap, divided into several categories; 1st, 2nd, Mixed, and Scratch, as well as the usual prizes for the longest drive for both men and women on the 13th hole, and the closest ball in all pairs 3.

The surprise of the day came from José Luis Barbero, player from Madrid but living in Mijas, who is a great expert of the course, and whom along with an inspired day and an unusual performance, has achieved an ultimate milestone at El Chaparral Golf Club: winning in the first category with 41 points, with a difference of 8 points over his most immediate follower Pekka Mattila, and one more point over Simo Lahtinen, Kalevi Pehkonen, Jari Peterssen-Jenssen and Raimo Holopainen. He also won the Scratch classification with 29 points, surpassing Simo Lahtinen with 5 points, and also achieving the nearest ball to flag in the 4th hole. With no doubt, it was a day to remember.

After the pleasant meal that was served in the Club House, the ceremony continued with the delivery of prizes ceremony and the magnificent raffle of gifts for all participants.

1st category
1.- Jose Luis Barbero 41 puntos
2.- Pekka Mattila 33
3.- Simo Lahtinen 32
4.- Kalevi Pehkonen 32
5.- Jari Petersen-Jenssen 32
6.- Raimo Holopainen 32

2nd category
1.- Jorma Laakkonen 37 puntos
2.- Kosti Uusitalo 35
3.- Antti Jokippi 34
4.- Heimo Kupsu 30

1.- Martti Ojala 39 puntos
2.- Markku Jortikka 35
3.- Sirkk-Lisa Renlund 29
4.- Terttu Stermark 28

1.- José Luis Barbero 29 puntos
2.- Simo Lahtinen 24
3.- Pekka Mattila 23
4.- Paul Kraska 23