Interclub Chaparral Golf vs Marbella Golf & Country Club

Yesterday the ladies of Chaparral GC played the home match against Marbella Golf. Some tight matches were played, one ending on the 17th, the other on the 18th holes. Chaparral Restaurant Tree Tops served a fantastic meal and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the social side of a competitive match.

El Chaparral won the close match overall (4.5 to 3.5) and were awarded the trophy, but everyone agreed that the result is not the important issue, these are friendly inter-clubs and the spirit of the game of golf is celebrated with neighbouring golfers and friends.

Thank you Marbella Golf for coming to our club. We are happy that you all enjoyed. Special thanks to the Captains; Caron Hillier from Chaparral and Catherine Shiels from Marbella, both fantastic ladies and a credit to these wonderful teams.