Maintenance works on the greens 2019

We will perform the hollow tinning of the greens during the last week of May. For a better performance and recuperation the course will be closed from Monday 27 until Wednesday 29 of May 2019. The rest of our facilities will be open as usual.

What is hollow tinning for?
The hollow tinning of the greens, is an essential part of most golf course maintenance programs.

It’s a recognised and proven technique with several benefits, carried out every year in most golf clubs.

Hollow tinning is the physical removal of cores of turf from the playing surface that are ejected, swept up and removed and the holes may vary in diameter and depths depending on the reason for the tine.

When completed, a smaller mass of soil will occupy the same area of the green.

Why is it done?
Over time, the traffic of the golfers and the daily use of machinery on the course, cause the ground to become compacted and hardened. This means drainage is less efficient and the grass’s roots are prevented from absorbing oxygen, they weaken and finally die.

Hollow tinning allows the compacted turf to expand and air and moisture to be more easily absorbed.

The coring also helps address the problem of thatch. (Thatch is a layer of grass stems, roots, and debris that settle and accumulate over time.) A thin layer is acceptable but too much thatch will hold water like a sponge.

Tinning removes accumulated fibre in the grass’s root zone. It allows for the exchange of a poor soil for a better one through top dressing. That’s why the greens are normally covered in sandy top dressing immediately after they’re cored.

We apologize the inconvenience and thank you for your collaboration
in the work towards greens in optimal condition.

Best regards, Chaparral Golf Club.