Monthly Medallion & De Vere

Monthly Medallion & De Vere

The 1´st of April the members of Chaparral celebrated the monthly Shotgun, ”The Monthly Medallion-April”. It was a lovely Spring Day with sun and perfect temperature. The sponsor of the day was ”De Vere” with representative Thomas Griffin. The members were well received in the morning, played 18 holes and then gathered in the restaurant for Wine, Canapé and prize giving, all organized by ”De Vere”.

The clasification of the day:

1 Bahman Hajizadeh (with an eagle 3 on hole 13!!!!)
2 Joern Eide
3 Brendan Weldon

1 Martina Wichmann
2 Frances Arthurs

Next social event coming up is round 2 of 3 Saints and a Poet Trophy on Thursday April 5.

Thank you all for participating and well played!

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