The Disembarkment of Torrijos, Charcón Beach

On Saturday, 1st of December at 11am, the Asociación Histórico-Cultural Torrijos 1831, following their tradition since 2003, will hold the historical reenactment of the ”The Disembarkment of Torrijos” on the El Charcón beach (near El Faro de Calaburras), situated on the Mijas coastline, real-life scenario of the events that occured there on the 2nd of December 1831, protagonised by a group of liberals under the command of the General Jose María Torrijos y Uriarte, who sought to establish a regimen of freedom in our country based on the text of the Cádiz Constitution of 1812.

Also, this year we will have the recreation on the daily life of the carabinieri stationed in the watchtower of La Cala at 12´30pm.

To thank as always the collaboration in the recreation of the Cultural Historical Association Torrijos 1831 and the Bodega Bandolero de La Cala. The event will be attended by several authorities in Mijas and different media.

Source: Turismo Mijas