TopTracer Chaparral Golf Club

Toptracer Chaparral

Welcome to the most modern, efficient and technological golf course on the Costa del Sol

At Chaparral Golf Club we offer you a new way to learn, compete and enjoy golf in a virtual environment thanks to the TopTracer technology.

One of its main attractions is the opportunity to experience golf on world-renowned courses, such as Pebble Beach or the R&A St Andrews, as well as having the chance to participate in competitions and challenges worldwide.

Toptracer Chaparral

All mats have video cameras and screens that capture and monitor each shot, providing detailed information such as the total distance achieved, distance of flight,  direction and accuracy, which is a valuable information tool when practicing.

You will be able to create your personalised profile, keep your statistical data and participate in the exciting tournaments and challenges throughout the year.

Join the virtual golf community in Spain by downloading the Toptracer Range App



What's in my bag?

This play mode will help you deepen your knowledge of your clubs to learn in detail how far you hit with each club. It also allows you to store all these data over time in the Toptracer Range app.

Ideal for: beginners, players who are looking to improve and want to learn more and high performance golfers.


Longest Drive

This game allows players to compete against each other and see who can hit the ball the furthest. It allows you to compete locally and with users from clubs around the world who have the Toptracer system installed.

Ideal for: experienced players, people who like competition, youngsters and children.


Points Game

This game allows friends and family to compete for points based on distance to the target, a perfect mix between a game of darts and golf. It is perfect for people who like a friendly challenge.

Ideal for: beginners, youngsters, children, families and players looking for entertainment.



In this mode you play on the par 3’s of the best golf courses in the world and you can compare your score with other players on the driving range and other courses. It becomes a competition between all the players to see who is the most accurate.

Ideal for: experienced players, golf school students, children and adults.


Virtual Golf

Virtual Golf gives players the opportunity to play the best courses in the world, either individually, in pairs or in foursomes. They can play 18 holes at Pebble Beach or the old course at St Andrews without leaving the Driving Range.

Ideal for amateurs who like to compete, young people who want to socialise with other players, children, families and people with limited time.


Launching Monitor

The monitor analyses each shot: distance, roll or ball speed.

This training mode allows players to better understand the strength and weakness of their game. It provides data on distance, all speed, angle of attack, height, deflection, distance to the target, etc.

Ideal for: people who train regularly or high performance players, who want to measure and evaluate their results with statistical data.


One of the best Driving ranges on the Costa del Sol,
1.000m2 putting green with short game and bunker areas

Chaparral Golf Club's location together with its excellent facilities, make it the perfect place to become one of the best practice facilities in Europe


Training area

The Club offers a training area on two levels. The lower level has 12 individual mats, where artificial grass has recently been installed in the hitting area integrating the mats with the surroundings. In addition, artificial grass has been installed in the players’ transit area along with high tables and stools to provide one of the best training experiences on the Costa del Sol.

Upper surface

The upper surface has a new 70 metre long Tee Line made of the best materials on the market. The grass variety chosen is the Turf PA XL Tee Turf, made of top quality Nylon (Polyamides). Our new Tee Line is designed to optimise the playability and training of the players.

LED lighting

The practice area has LED lighting both on the driving range and in the ball drop area, making it the only facility on the Costa del Sol with lighting at night. Thanks to the high power LED lights of 100 and 200 W, we offer a perfect visibility for the practice of golf.

Other services

  • Chaparral Golf offers free internet service via WI-FI for all clients while visiting the facility.
  • Chaparral Golf offers both the experienced player and the beginner a unique experience combining golf and gastronomy in a natural environment.
  • We have a varied snack menu where you can place your orders while you are practising and of course, the orders will be served at the table by the club’s catering team.

Enjoy the best combination of the Costa del Sol;
golf, technology and gastronomy

OPENING HOURS 08:00 - 23:00