Summer gastronomy in the Costa del Sol!

Feel the Summer in the Costa del Sol!

Feel the Summer in the Costa del Sol! While Autumn is making its announcement in many of the northern European countries , in south of Spain we may still enjoy a few more months of Summer. The Costa del Sol is the perfect place if you want to combine sports with sun and leisure.

Costa del Sol, also known as Costa del Golf offers more than 70 golf courses. The area has the highest concentration of courses in Spain and Europe.  Some of them are located in the most beautiful locations and are just as famous for their spectacular panoramic views as they are for the quality of their greens and fairways.

Visiting a new country, one of the greatest pleasure is to get to know its gastronomy and customs. Chaparral Golf Club, Mijas Costa, gives you the perfect “After Golf” tips with the best of the Andalusian summer gastronomy!

Get to know the “typical Spanish” Summer!

After you finish your game in Chaparral Golf Club take your time to try some of the typical dishes and drinks in one of the nearby restaurants or beach bars.

What to eat?

Cold soups, fresh products and wine-based drinks, these are some of the ingredients in the Spanish summer menu. When the heat seems overwhelming, order some of the dishes and drinks below, sit down in one of the resturants by the seafront and enjoy the moment!



This is probably Spain’s most famous contribution to the world of cold soups, It´s a cold summer-must based on tomatoes and garlic.

Recipe Gazpacho

6-7 medium tomatoes

1 green Italian pepper

1 cucumber

½ of a small white onion

1 clove of garlic

¼ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A splash of Sherry vinegar (Vinagre de Jerez)

A pinch of salt

1. Cut the tomatoes and put into your blender.

2. Clean and add the pepper.

3. Add the garlic, the onion, the peeled cucumber (save half of the cucumber for decoration)

4. Blend the vegetables at high speed until it is completely pureed.

5. Add the salt and vinegar and, while blending on a slow speed, slowly add the olive oil.

6. Taste and adjust salt and vinegar. If the texture is too thick for your liking add some cold water. Serve cold!



The salmorejo takes the Gazpacho soup to the next level with a thicker consistense and adding ham and eggs.


This is a typical dish from Malaga. A creamy white soup with an almond base. It dates back to the times of the Moorish rule in Spain—centuries before the tomatoes made it to the Iberian Peninsula, making ajoblanco the original cold Spanish soup.

Recipe Ajoblanco

For soup:

120 gr of raw almonds

200 gr of bread from the day before

120 ml of extra virgin olive oil

600 ml cold water

Two tablespoons of vinegar

To accompany:

 Serrano ham cubes

 A splash of extra virgin olive oil

A garlic clove

A pinch of salt

1. Soak the breadcrumbs, broken into pieces, in cold water for a few minutes. It should soak up well.

2. Put the soaked crumb, the same water, the almond, the garlic clove, the salt and the vinegar in a blender,  mix until it is very fine.

3. Continue with the blender running and add the olive oil little by little.

4. Put the soup in the fridge for at least four hours.

5. Serve cold with a drizzle of oil and a few cubes of ham.


Ensalada Malagueña

(Malaga Salad)  is a summer salad with potatoes, oranges, cod and olives. It’s a surprising but delicious combination, perfect for hot days.

Ensaladilla Rusa

One of the most famous Spanish salads, the Ensaladilla Rusa (Russian Salad) Potatoes, tuna, hard boiled egg, peas, carrots and lots of mayonnaise come together in this summer classic.

What to drink?



Sangria is one of the most famous summer drinks in Spain. A refreshing summer cocktail based on red wine and other alcoholic beverages such as brandy or cognac. Peach, lemon, orange, sugar, cinnamon and soda are other essential elements for making the traditional sangria. 


Tinto de Verano

A simple and very refreshing drink! You can buy the “Tinto de verano” (Summer wine) in any supermarket ready to drink, but if you want to try a quality “Tinto de Verano”, order it in a good restaurant or beach bar. A “joven” or “crianza” wine is enough to make a tasty “Tinto de Verano” and it´s made of a balanced mix of red wine and soda or lemon soda, a few slices of lemon and ice cubes.

Clara de Cerveza

A summer twist of the common beer mixed with soda or lemon soda. The soda lightens the color of the beer (hence the name) and softens the typical bitter taste of the beer.

The possibilities on the Costa del Sol are endless! 

Within a range of a few hours’ drive from Chaparral Golf Club you may enjoy the Andalusian life style after your round. Choose among a wide variety in activities; gastronomy,  cultural tours and visits, wine tasting…book your trip and start planning you stay