Halloween 2021

The Halloween festivities are about to arrive, one of the favorite celebrations of children and one of the best excuses for family activities.

Did you know the true origin of the Halloween holiday? Actually, It doesn´t from the United States as many of us think. Around the world, Halloween is a time to honor the spirits of those who have passed away. It´s an established tradition that many believe has its roots in Celtic culture. Halloween supposedly comes from an Irish ancestral festival that began with the name of « Samhain » which means « end of summer ». Our pagan ancestors believed that during the night of October 31 the spirits of the dead returned to visit the world of mortals.

Do you want to discover some curiosities that, until now, perhaps you didn´t know about Halloween?

The ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when the last harvest season arrived, was cause for celebration for the Irish and they took the opportunity to come together and share the fruits of their hard work. Some of the most famous typical Halloween dishes of today are derived from this tradition. For example, colcannon, a simple hot dish made with mashed potatoes and mixed with kale or green cabbage and onion, which has become popular around the world on this day.

In the old days, the Irish houses were traditionally filled with the smell of baked bread, thanks to the delicious delicacy known as barmbrack. Tradition indicates that all members of each family should receive a slice of this homemade cake, which contains some surprises. Did you know that finding a ring inside the cake means discovering true love? Whereas, if the surprise that awaits you inside is a coin, it will bring you wealth and good fortune.

Do you want to enjoy Halloween on the Costa del Sol this weekend?

We leave you the best suggestions in Malaga and Marbella to celebrate Halloween:

If you like adventure and riddles, the Youth Area of ​​the Malaga City Council organizes a treasure hunt within its ‘Alterna en tu leisure’ program, from Friday to Sunday in different parts of the city. It will be held during the weekend from 8:00 to 12:00, during which time the participants with the help of a mobile application must solve quizzes to try to solve different puzzles and thus qualify for the prizes.

People of all ages can participate and the prizes will be delivered on November 5 at La Caja Blanca. The meeting points and the start of the game on Friday, October 29 are the following: in the parking lot of Diego Fernández Mendoza and Navarro Ledesma streets, and in Parque del Norte. Sunday will be in the courtyard of the old jail; in the back area of ​​the Baños del Carmen restaurant; and in the Parque Litoral.

In Marbella many activities are being prepared. The park « La Represa » will become a great ‘enchanted park’ with free attractions for both adults and children on the occasion of the Halloween party on October 31st.

There will be three time slots available for visits: from 11:00 to 14:30, from 16:00 to 19:30 and from 20:00 to 23:00, and reservations can be made from October 18, from nine to two, at the « Delegación de Fiestas », by phone; 952 76 87 56 or 952 76 87 59.

The last time section will be more focused on the adult and adolescent public, taking advantage of the darkness of the night. This time there will be no limitation on the number of people allowed. Once the reservation is made, a code will be provided that must be delivered at the access controls, located in Calzados Millán and the National Police Station. Likewise, minors will receive an identification bracelet and a bag of goodies.

Finally, if you want to enjoy a day outdoors, surrounded by nature and play golf, Chaparral Golf Club offers the most terrifying discounts on the Costa del sol. Discover our wonderful 18 holes with a friend for only € 70, buggy included.

If you visit us, a gift awaits you!