Exhibition of drones

The companies Savia Ingtecnova S.L. and Campo Ingenieria S.L. offered an exhibition of drones last week at the Chaparral Golf Club.

A technological system that is currently used in the field of agriculture, land, gardening and construction, amongst other applications.

These drones are equipped with thermal imaging cameras.

These have a passive sensor that is able to capture the infrared radiation emitted by the bodies that surround it and transform them into images visible to the human eye.

They are used to carry out measurements and detect possible leaks and structural damage both to trees and buildings.

This system is already being applied in various sectors of the municipality.

The companies showed with practical exercises how the drones worked.

Amongst others we had the presence of the Mayor of Mijas Juan Carlos Maldonado, and representatives of the company Gimasur Ambiental S.L. a company dedicated to integrated pest management and environmental services as well as representatives from the environmental department of the municipality.

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