My first!

It was the afternoon of the 16th of October, sunny, no wind. We were on the second hole of El Chaparral Golf Club, the 160m long par 3. I was a bit nervous since I played with Matti, who has proven to have nerves of steel and be an excellent golfer. The flag was not behind the tree or the bunker, but a bit more to the left.

Matti got it right again, but the sunshine was so bright we could not exactly see where the ball ended on the green. I took my 22 degree TaylorMade hibrid and my fairly new Srixon 1 ball, which I had found the day before.

My shot went beyond the power lines on the air and seemed to land on the green, but we could not see clearly where it had ended. When we got closer to the green we could not find the ball, neither in front nor the back of the green. Finally I looked in the hole…and there it was! I rubbed my eyes, looked again: it really was my ball, Srixon 1 with light stains of red from the previous owner.

In a state of disbelief I was congratulated by Matti and Lisa, and my wife Annika, who already has 3 holes in one under her belt!!

Congratulations to our member nº23 Jorma Sipila for this fantastic hole in one!