Golf in costa del sol

XV Anniversary Chaparral Golf Club Memories

golf en costa del sol

During our 15th Anniversary we took the opportunity to have a lively conversation with the first local member of Chaparral Golf Club, Mr. Christian Far Boggiano.

Christian is from Buenos Aires, has lived in Spain since 1995 and is a person with a great sense of humor who has always been interested in learning about other cultures and other ways of living.

He has a strong bond with the sport of golf from a young age, having played and competed in tennis from an early age.

His membership in the club dates back to 2009, when he became part of our family. When we asked him why he chose Chaparral he replied ”I found myself in a natural and wonderful environment, the first time I discovered it I could not believe that it was just four minutes from my own home.”

Mr. Far Boggiano has a great feeling of belonging to the club since he considers Chaparral Golf as a place to relax from daily stress, practice his favorite sport and be with friends who make him enjoy fun moments. If Christian had to define the club in three words it would be; relaxed, cheerful and friendly.He defines himself as “a perfectionist, demanding person, lover of details, determined, of mental agility and with a good portion of self-confidence”, “I like precision and accuracy, and I look for it in all areas of my life. Golf allows me to put the qualities of precision and accuracy onto the course, which gives me serenity and confidence in life itself”

Golf has marked a large part of his life, since the passion that he has for this sport today was transmitted to him thanks to his father.

Golf in costa del sol

Thank you so much Christian for this 15 years together!