¡Congratulations Paco for win!

After the last 11 exciting editions, last Sunday December the 13th, took place at El Chaparral Golf Club The Grand Final Members Tournament “Monthly Mug” closing the annual members ranking.

It was a great day, with a good atmosphere between all players,
and nice weather conditions ensured that the golf was of the
highest quality, reflected on scores of the day.

Francisco Giraldez with 41 points was the winner of the last “monthly mug” of the year, followed by Olejoan Von Ely with 40 and Derek Guthrie with 38. Congratulations Paco!!!

After the game we enjoyed a fabulous Christmas lunch at El Chaparral Restaurant follow of the Tournament prize-giving, a Speech of Antonio Rodriguez (Chaparral management) and Nick Cripps (Club Captain) thanks everybody for such a great year.
We close the day with the famous British game “Turkey Trod” who let all the participants back home with a nice prize.

From El Chaparral Golf management we want to give our sincere thanks to all our members for the confidence and unconditional support deposited in us every day, with your help we have managed to get the successful of turning El Chaparral Golf Club into a member’s golf course referent on Costa del Sol.

We look forward to keep on improving for 2016
Thanks to everybody and Merry Christmas!!
El Chaparral Golf Club