A total of 40 golfers and their partners gathered on Saturday January 23 in El Chaparral Golf Club to participate in the I Open #pavivíasímeónomorirse, relying on La Casa del Tabaco as a sponsor and cigar tasting provider.
The weather conditions (20 degrees in the month of January) and the wonderful atmosphere contributed to an unforgettable day, meeting all the purposes of the organisation: praise of the values of friendship, sports and the passion for excellent cigars.

The first cigar was given out at 8.15 pm, when the participants and those who attended received a Corona de Asylum while having coffee and analysing the course.

The second cigar was given out around 11.30 hours, in hole No. 9, where participants were offered Cibao Robusto paired with a muscat originally from Malaga.

Finally, after an excellent meal and desserts at the restaurant El Chaparral (which included beans with chistorra, escalopes, pastries and other delicacies paired with a fantastic wine) everyone proceeded to a special tasting of Oliva Serie V Doble Toro.

All attendees were delighted at the exceptional event as well as the great cigars they were able to enjoy.

The winner of the I Open, José María Gil, dedicated the prize to his father, after whom this event was celebrated.

The organization hopes to repeat the success achieved during last Saturday in any editions happening in the near future.