I Tournament ASGA 2016

Jose A. Martin and Caron Hillier: champions of 2016 I ASGA Tournament, held in El Chaparral Golf.

The El Chaparral Golf Club hosted the first tournament of the 2016 ASGA calendar, where more than 80 members met to try achieve the winning title on this first event of the year.

As usual in all ASGA tournaments, competition was high among participants, given that in each of the categories, both gentlemen and ladies were very talented.

ASGA took to heart the saying: “New Year, New You.” They added a new category for its members: the Super Senior category, where players over 70 years of age are able to participate, which means a more balanced level of play.

Regarding the tournament itself, it’s important to note the level of competition in all categories. In the first category, the winner Jose A. Martin beat his closest rival Juan D. Molina by only one point, while Francisco Munoz, Jose L. Ortega and Jose L. Barbero all tied becoming close third with 31 points.

Very similarly, the second category was also very competitive. 1st place went to Michael Stanto, with two points over Francisco Redondo, Puerta Palacios and Antonio Aguilera who all tied with 35 points. In the other categories, results were even closer.

The climax of the day came after the lunch in the Club House of El Chaparral, the award ceremony where winners got their trophies and the traditional raffle.

The second competition on this year’s ASGA calendar will be held on February 4 in Club de Golf Rio Real.



First men category
1.- José A. Martín 34 puntos
2.- Juan D. Molina 33
3.- Francisco Muñoz 31
4.- José L. Ortega 31
5.- José L. Barbero 31
6.- Fernando Paunero 31

Second men category
1.- Michael Stanton 37 puntos
2.- Francisco Redondo 35
3.- Puerta palacios 35
4.- Antonio Aguilera 35

Women category
1.- Caron Hillier 36 puntos
2.- Liz Britton 30
3.- María del Mar Zafra 28

Super Senior category (+ 70)
1.- Liam Roche 36 puntos
2.- Hugh Melia 33
3.- Ángel Gutierrez 30