SALE in Chaparral Golf Boutique!

SALE in Chaparral´s Golf Boutique!

Sale in Chaparral´s Golf Boutique.

The game isn´t always perfect, but your outfit can be!

Don´t miss the sale in Chaparral. Get your favourite clothes, shoes and caps, now with great discounts, until the end of February.

Let the experienced staff help you find what you need for your next round of golf in equipment and fashion. Choose among the most important golf brands with a wide selection in both the men´s and women´s section.

Start the year by spoiling yourself and get that perfect outfit you´ve been looking for!  Golf is all about practicing, but if you look good while doing it, even better!

The collections this year offer a generous variety in colours and styles. You will always find the latest trends in Chaparral´Golf Boutique, but also lines of clothes with a more classic touch. In Chaparral´s Golf Boutique there´s something to be found for each taste and style. All our collections of clothes are carefully selected keeping in mind the requests and preferences of our clients. The seasons are prepared by a personal visit to our providers, as to ensure the arrival of the perfect products for our visitors.

Just like our Club, the Golf Boutique offers a personal touch, surround yourself with fashion and get dressed to complete the Chaparral experience.  The Boutique does not only offer the correct clothes and equippent for the sport, but the opportunity to dress as you want…dressed for success. Come for a visit during the period of Sale and take advantage of the great discounts offered in clothes, caps and shoes.

Chaparral´s Pro Shop, with a modern and yet welcoming atmosphere is well known for its excellent customer service. We are open every day. You´re welcome to visit us!

Pro Shop Chaparral:  Tel: 952 58 77 33 | Email: reservas@golfelchaparral.com

Opening hours: 07.30 am – 6.30 pm.