Chaparral launches its app

Chaparral Golf Club is committed to technological innovation.

Chaparral Golf Club considers its members to be one of its most important assets. In order to anticipate their needs, adapt to the latest trends in the sector and offer the best service and quality, the club has launched a new golf app to improve the communication with members.

In the new app, members will be able to access and receive information about the club’s services with a simple click on their phone. The technological improvement will make it easier and faster to book tee times, register for competitions and make purchases without having to call the club or wait to be answered. With a quick and smooth download and user registration process, all members can start using the application in just a few minutes.

If there’s one thing that sets Chaparral Golf Club’s app apart, it’s the many benefits it offers in terms of usability. All members can use the application to book their daily tee times, as well as to register for the golf tournaments the club organizes and to purchase tokens for the driving range without having to go to the Pro Shop. Every action performed via the app is sent to the user in the form of a message to his or her mobile phone, as if it were a message from the well-known messaging platform “Whatsapp”.

The application, which is available for iPhone and Android, provides continuously updated information on the golf club’s daily activities and gives the marketing department a new direct communication channel with members. “The new digital tool that we are incorporating into our club will provide us with an improvement in the quality, service and attention to the members of our social club. At Chaparral, we will continue to invest and rely on the best service providers to improve the experience for our members,” explained General Director Domingo Gavira.

A major benefit for Chaparral Golf Club members is that they can use a customer service channel that is open 24/7, meaning registered members have a personal channel to handle all their questions and suggestions without having to call, making it a much more direct and immediate channel.

What will the Chaparral Golf Club application allow you to do?

Finally, it should be noted that the application will allow each member to share their experiences and create their own community, as they will be able to add their friends, interact and invite them to their tee times. They will also be able to access all the information about the club; reciprocal golf agreements, etiquette rules, course guide, local rules, opening hours, handicap calculation, booking golf lessons with the academy and much more.