The golf experience and type of courses

The golf experience and type of courses

The golf experience and type of courses | We often tend to look and evaluate the golf courses according to the technical aspects or according to their playing surface. We look at the surface of the green, its speed and hardness. We evaluate the type of grass, cut and height of the fairways, the difficulties of the rough or the typology of the sand of the bunkers … but do we ever stop to think, how the courses we know today are influenced by their environment?

Aspects such as the weather, orography, rainfall, latitude and location will influence the design and our experience as a player.
With this in mind, Chaparral Golf Club would like to remind you of the different types of courses; Links, Heath -lands Parklands and Deserts, among others. Each golf course has features and details that will characterize them, making them unique and very different from each other.

The Links golf courses were the first courses in the sport of golf, with origins in Scotland, in the 17th century.
Their characteristics are easy to recognize, being courses just by sea, where the weather and wind directly influence each shot. They aren´t hilly, although they might be undulated. They are good courses for those who prefer walking before buggy. They are located on non fertile, sandy land, not suitable for agriculture and have little vegetation around them. The Links are the typical courses in the United Kingdom and Ireland, with examples throughout the coastline. Any player must know them and play them at some point.

The Heath-Lands golf courses, sister courses to the links, are also located close to the sea with wavy and wide fairways. They offer little vegetation but you may find trees and bushes around the course, well protected by sand traps. This type of course is a good option for the celebration of professional tournaments, since their wide extensions allow the entrance of a large audience.

The Parklands golf courses first appeared in the United States and are the opposite of Links and Heath-lands. The Parklands are considered inland courses, with rich vegetation surrounding them. The influence of man in the design affects each hole and the interaction of water such as; lakes, streams and waterfalls will add beauty and difficulty to the course. The vast majority of the Spanish golf courses would be classified as this type of course.

The Deserts golf courses also first appeared in the United States, in the states of Arizona and Nevada. They are courses characterized by their intense contrasts; the golf player will have a significant and different experience on this type of course, since the desert and the completely arid areas will clash with the intense green of the fairways and greens. In Spain you may play this type of course in Murcia and Almeria.

Each course´s typology has its beauty and charm for any player who loves this sport.

Isn´t it tempting to just become a backpacker travelling around the world, with the only companion and confidant of the experience being the clubs and a golf bag? The possibility of getting to know and experiencing such a multitude of different courses spread across the world is a dream for many! For others, part of their golfer’s logbook is already written with more, unknown golfer´s adventures waiting around the corner.

As to add yet another great experience to your record,  we invite you to enjoy the facilities of Chaparral Golf Club.

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