Golf courses in the costa del sol

Located in the southern part of Spain, the Costa del Sol is globally renowned for its idyllic climate, stunning beaches, and, for golf enthusiasts, its exceptional golf courses. Among a wide variety of options, Chaparral Golf Club stands out as a gem in this wonderful golfing destination.

Golf courses on the Costa del Sol are known for their variety and quality, offering over 70 options that attract players of all levels, from beginners to professionals. However, Chaparral Golf Club distinguishes itself for several key reasons; First, its privileged location: nestled among lush pine forests and overlooking the Mediterranean, it provides a unique experience.

campos golf costa del sol

What truly sets Chaparral apart from the rest is its unique design. It is the only course on the Costa del Sol offering 18 holes par 72, all surrounded by pine forests that provide an unparalleled relaxing setting. Its design, by the renowned architect Pepe Gancedo, is famous for respecting the natural landscape, meaning each hole has a distinctive character.

Moreover, Chaparral Golf Club is known for its excellent maintenance and commitment to sustainability, ensuring not only a superior playing experience but also the preservation of its natural surroundings. The club also offers a cozy clubhouse, with top-notch customer service, where golfers can relax after a day on the golf course with beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea.

¨Since its reopening, Chaparral Golf Club has become one of the most emblematic golf courses in the Costa del Sol.”

Where is Chaparral Golf Club located? In Mijas: A Dream destination for Golfers and Beach Lovers.

As well as being home to such marvels as Chaparral Golf Club, Mijas has established itself as one of the most charming destinations on the Costa del Sol, both for golf lovers and those looking to enjoy the beach.

This picturesque municipality perfectly combines sports and leisure facilities with a relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere, offering a holistic experience that few places can match.

Mijas is divided into two main areas: Mijas Pueblo, a traditional Andalusian white village nestled in the mountains, and Mijas Costa, the coastal area where golden sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters are enjoyed. This duality allows visitors to enjoy a day on the relaxing golf course and end with a refreshing swim in the sea or a stroll along the shore at sunset.


Mijas offers a perfect balance between sports, nature, and relaxation. Chaparral Golf Club is just the beginning of what can be a getaway full of memorable moments, exploring the charming corners of Mijas Pueblo or enjoying the sun and sea on Mijas Costa. For those seeking a destination that combines the best of golf and beach, Mijas is undoubtedly a top choice on the Costa del Sol.

campos golf costa del sol

The Costa del Sol is home to numerous renowned golf courses, where Chaparral Golf Club stands out above the rest. For any golf enthusiast seeking an unforgettable experience in southern Spain, Chaparral is undoubtedly a must-visit stop.