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Chaparral Golf Adventures, Kayaking on the Costa del Sol

Chaparral Golf Adventures, Kayaking on the Costa del Sol

Add some variety to your golf holiday on the Costa del Sol by kayaking along the coast.

Kayaking and paddle-boarding are increasingly in popularity along the Andalusian coast. Kayaking is very similar to canoeing, except kayakers use a double-bladed paddle, whereas canoeists use a single-bladed paddle.

Paddle-boarding consists of lying or kneeling on a surfboard and moving the board by paddling. Another quite recent sport is the Stand-Up Paddle-boarding (SUP for short) which is described as a cross between canoeing and surfing, as it can be practised on waves; both sports originated in Hawaii.

All of these boat/board and paddling options are great ways to explore the coast of Andalucia, with several companies offering supervised tours along beautiful areas of the coast, such as Mijas Costa, close to Chaparral Golf Club.

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