Torneo AESGOLF Chaparral Golf Club, Mijas, Costa del Sol (13)

Chaparral Golf Club hosts the AESGOLF Senior Circuit match.

Chaparral Golf Club hosts the AESGOLF Senior Circuit match.

On July 27, Chaparral Golf Club hosted the AESGOLF Senior Circuit for the second year in a row.

Despite being in the middle of summer with the usual high temperatures the day was pleasant thanks to the club´s location close to the sea, with a nice breeze blowing all day long which was highly appreciated by the many participants.

Thanks to the perfect weather, the good condition of the course and the well organized staff of Chaparral, the Club offered the players a great day of golf and pleasure.

After the lunch in the Clubhouse´s restaurant, the players enjoyed the price giving and traditional raffle of numerous gifts.


First category

1.- Martín Sánchez de Mingo 41 points

2.- José Duarte 38 points

3.- José Bernal de la Rosa 37 points

4.- Manuel Sousa 35 points

Second Category

1.- Armando García 38 points

2.- Francisco Berral 35 points

3 .- Gonzalo Martín 35 points

4.- Rafael Ventura 34 points

Thanks to players for coming and we hope to see you here next year!