New World Handicap System | Chaparral Golf Club

New World Handicap System | Chaparral Golf Club. The Spanish Golf Federation has announced that on June 8, the new World Handicap System will be enforced, replacing the EGA Handicap.

The players have the possibility to check their new handicap, by consulting the RFEG APP or in the Player´s Area on the RFEG website  (You need to be previously registered to enter.)

Due to the complexity of the new system,  the RFEG has also prepared a document, explaining step by step and with the data of each player, how the Handicap SMH is calculated. Both in the player´s area on the website of the Spanish Golf Federation and in the App (by clicking on the player’s handicap) you can consult this document. In case you would need any additional information you can contact

The objective of the new handicap system is to reflect, as accurately as possible, the average real level of the players throughout the year.

The idea of ​​a single handicap system arose from a meeting held between the R&A and the USGA during the 2011 British Open. In 2014, the work began on its development, in which all the handicap systems that were in operation were involved (at the time USGA, EGA, CONGU, GA, SAGA and FAA).

Together with the introduction of the new Handicap system, a new protocol of action has also been introduced on a national level, regarding the organization of tournaments throughout the year 2020. The elaboration of this protocol will help the Competition Committees of each golf course to organize and hold competitions in this new situation.

The main changes with respect to what we know today are the following;

  • The Management of the competition will be carried out, totally or partially electronically.
  • The tournaments, unless modified in the future, will be played in individual format
  • The consecutive starting tee times, will have an increased interval in time between one flight and another.
  • The bunkers will be arranged individually by each player, there will be no rakes on the course.
  • The score cards are recommended to be digital (through Mobile Apps, WhatsApp, Notes Applications, photography, etc.) If not possible, the score card will be sanitized before handing it over to the player. The player will record his scores on his own card, with the agreement of the marker. Marker and player will never tamper with each other’s cards or electronic devices.
  • Each player will be the only one who can mark, lift, drop and replace the ball on and off the green. Manipulation of a player’s ball by a caddy and / or partner is strictly forbidden. A ball other than the player’s own ball must never be touched.
  • Before and after the Tournament, if necessary to avoid crowds, the access to the practice areas (driving range, practice chipping and putting green, etc.) will be prohibited or limited.

Surely we all want to compete again, and with the correct use of the facilities and the compliance of the protocol, we may soon start the challenge of maintaining our new handicap, tournament after tournament.