The benefits that golf has for your health and wellbeing

If you’ve ever considered taking up the sport, or if you’ve played golf in the past and are thinking about taking it up again, we’ve got a few things to help you decide. In this article, we’ll explain the main benefits of playing golf.

It reduces stress

Golf has gained a reputation for being a relaxing and therapeutic activity, why? The answer lies in the release of endorphins, known as “happy hormones”; which have the power to elevate your mood and establish a general sense of well-being. Golf can become your endorphin generator, which helps you reduce stress and keep a positive mindset. A study in Sweden showed that golfers increased their life expectancy by approximately 5 years.

It is an exercise suitable for everyone

Playing golf can be an excellent cardio workout. Walking around a golf course, which often stretches between 5 and 8 kilometres, involves walking at a brisk pace throughout each round. A round of golf can help you burn more than 250 calories in a single session.

Benefits for your body and mind

Golf is an outdoor sport, which means you are exposed to the sun while playing. This increases the level of vitamin D in your body, which is essential for keeping your bones strong and regulating calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood. Golf is also a great exercise for toning core muscles and improving flexibility at the same time. A strong and flexible body is synonymous with well-being!

In addition, golf can also help delay the onset of cognitive diseases such as dementia. This is due to the stimulation of blood circulation in the brain, which improves the connections between nerve cells.

An easy sport for all ages

Golf is known for having simple and easy-to-learn rules. It is also one of the sports with the lowest risk of injury, and those injuries that do occur are usually minor. This makes it a good choice of sport for older people.

Promotes social relations

Conversations flow easily on golf courses. Therefore, the sport offers a good opportunity to meet new people, forge friendships and keep in touch with old friends.

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