The best strategies to overcome the bunker in Golf

A sand bunker is one of the most complex situations we face on a golf course. Succeeding in this sand trap requires technique, the right clubs and a touch of luck. In this article, you will find several tips and strategies to help you deal effectively with a golf bunker and improve your game.

Tips to overcome the bunker challenge

Position of the ball

The sand in a bunker does not behave like the green. Before you hit your shot, it is important to analyse the position of the ball in relation to the surrounding sand. You may encounter two situations:

  • Well-placed ball: If the sand does not interfere with the line of attack, you are in a favourable position. In this case,  you can execute a flatter and more direct swing towards the ball.
  • Misplaced ball: If there is sand in the path of your shot, you should opt for a cut shot. This approach gives you more surface area to hit the ball and prevents you from hitting the sand, which could throw the ball off its intended trajectory.

Choice of the golf club

The distance between the bunker and the hole is a key factor in choosing the right club. Here are some recommendations:

  • Distance greater than 120 metres: If you are more than 120 metres from the hole, a 7-8 iron may be sufficient to hit the shot accurately.
  • Shorter distances: If the distance is shorter, consider using a 5-7 wood. These clubs will give you the power you need to overcome the sand obstacle.
  • High slope: If the bunker has a steep slope, opt for more open clubs to help you overcome the slope and reach the green more easily.

Striking Technique

Bunker-bashing technique is critical to a successful outcome. Follow these steps:

  • Club position: Place the club in an almost vertical position. This will ensure a longitudinal hit without lateral movement. Aim for the club to pass under the ball cleanly, avoiding contact with the sand.
  • Neutral grip: Keep a neutral grip on the club. As for the swing, opt for a normal movement, as if you were playing on the green. Avoid sudden movements or excessive force.
  • Strike with confidence: It is not necessary to apply extreme force, but you must not fall short in your momentum either. Be aware that the sand may cause you to lose a few metres in striking distance.

If you are a beginner, it is essential to practice this type of stroke. Sooner or later, your ball will land in a bunker, so it’s important to be prepared. Start by familiarising yourself with the sand with short shots that allow you to get out of the sandy area. Over time, you will be able to direct your shots with greater accuracy and control.

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