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“How to confront  the return to our every day life after the Summer holiday.”

September, the first month after the Summer break, means for the vast majority of people, the return to the routines and obligations that we so happily have abandoned during the Summer holiday.

The return causes stress and other symptoms that influence our character and mood, but do not worry because we have some great tips how to confront this small emotional challenge and thus feel more comfortable with the return to our every day life.

The best weapons to fight post-holiday syndrome?

Chaparral Golf Club gives you the keys to organize your daily agenda and allocate your time in the most efficient way possible.

  • Summarize your habits (Golf (mandatory), gym, errands, etc.) little by little. Doing everything at once will cost more than usual, so experts recommend slowly setting and adjusting to your regular schedule.
  • Try not to feel overwhelmed. It is important to keep in mind, just like when planning your golf swing routine, that you complete one thing first and then another. If it is intended to cover everything in a short time, it is possible that nothing will go well, this would be staged as a hasty shot from the tee, where the aim is to make more distance than necessary with the driver, ending with our ball out of bound.
  • Your diet also counts, so you have to try to establish a healthy menu with all the necessary meals. Energy is essential for the return. Excess food will be prohibited until Christmas.
  • CALM is the magic word when it comes to getting back into a routine. Remember your habits on the golf course, losing your temper can mean adding more shots to your card than you should, we don’t like double bogeys let alone triple bogeys.
  • Get plenty of rest. It is common on vacation to get up late or take a nap, but when we return to work that is “mission impossible 7”, so it is advisable to go to sleep at a reasonable time to rest for a minimum of 7 or 8 hours.


  • Stay positive; You have to see the positive aspect of things. A bad shot, going back to work or studies also means you have an opportunity to analyse an incorrect movement and to reconnect with colleagues and friends. You will be able to share your Summer experience or start new projects. It is easier to return to you habits if you face them  with a positive attitude and being friendly at work to avoid the labor conflicts.
  • Reserve moments of relaxation; Finding moments to relax in daily life is essential for our mental health, especially during periods of emotional stress, such as returning from vacation. These moments are highly recommended, to reduce stress critical situations of stress and anxiety.

So how do I return to healthy habits? What is the best way to do so? From Chaparral Golf we invite you to discover a unique place on the Costa del Sol, 18 holes surrounded by tranquility and privacy, thanks to the design of our parkland forest course framed in a beautiful pine tree forest with the beautiful Mediterranean Sea in the background.

Coming back from vacation may seem like a 600 meter PAR 5, but WE WILL DO IT TOGETHER and we are going to fight to score a fabulous Birdie at the end of this month on our card.

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