Golf Goals 2022

Golf resolutions for 2022

Many of us establish with much motivation and enthusiasm, new resolutions and challenges for the new year.

If we carry out a good plan and develop it properly, it is very likely that they will be fulfilled. Aim for precise and specific objectives, without getting lost in a mixture of intentions that, if not fulfilled, will frustrate us.

When looking at our resolutions, it is a good idea to start from scratch. This means letting go and applying a step by step strategy.

So if your goal for 2022 is to improve your level of golf, remember to create the right circumstances to acheive this goal. It is important to work with positive thoughts, free of toxicity and to set achievable goals.

Also, allow yourself to invest the time to develop your goals, a golf swing does not change overnight, not even in a week or two. Great achievements are not done immediately. Be patient and consistent in your work towards a technical change in your game, which means that it will take considerable time before your body and mind have assimilated and mechanized this new technique. You can keep a daily log of what you have done each day to get closer to a specific goal.

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Keys to achieve your resolution

Narrow the objective

We all want to have the swing of the best player in the world trying to cover a lot and achieve little.When we write down the goals that we want acheive in our game the coming 12 months, we must force ourselves not to list more than three and a maximum of five lines to explain each one of them. We must avoid generic concepts such as “I want to hit as hard as Bryson DeChambeau” but to specify in actionable, realistic actions. “Finish all my rounds below 90 strokes, avoid strategic errors along the way, always avoiding the areas where my next stroke will penalize me more …”

Make it possible

In addition to being specific, you have to avoid resolutions that depend on others. Our golf teacher can help us reach a goal, but in the end this is up to us. Resolutions must be appropriate and achievable. Eradicating COVID-19 would be great, but it seems unlikely. That is why our objectives must be “SMART” objectives: simple, measurable, affordable and achievable in a given time.

Plan it

Make an agenda, with the different stages of the work towards your goal. To have a great golf swing, you must first identify the mistakes you make, find out if those mistakes come from a technical error or from having, for example, psychromotor or elasticity problems. Is it necessary to adjust the work and family routine to execute the plan? Taking actions in the plan towards a purpose will help us feel the necessary satisfaction to compensate for the obstacles that may appear.

Visualize it

In golf it is very common to visualize, verbalize and incorporate a gesture that expresses the intention or purpose. Create an image that defines your goal and develop it in your mind in detail.

Add a somatic gesture

Although it is difficult, seek to express or represent your purpose to change your swing with a body gesture. Relax your body, close your eyes, visualize your goal and verbalize it several times, until a gesture appears. When this happens, fix it and repeat it.

Verbalize it

Verbally repeat your goals every morning and seal your commitment to it. Some say we create our own reality, so trust, visualize, and verbalize your goal.

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