II Gran Premio Feníe Energía By Av Consultores

II Gran Premio Feníe Energía By Av Consultores

On Saturday, July 30, Chaparral Golf Club, one of the best golf courses on the Costa del Sol, held the second edition of the golf tournament organized by Fenie Energía and AV Consultores. The tournament and the day were a resounding success, with a great participation of players and a great organization and collaboration of the sponsors of the tournament, Fenie Energía and AV Consultores.

Thanks to the great interest from the players on the coast, the event promised a successful day, since the tickets were sold out a week before the day of the game! On the day of the competition, the participants went to the Costa del Sol-course first thing in the morning to collect their score cards, free fruits and snacks, and a Welcome pack at the courtesy counter set up by Energía y Av Consultores. The participants had time to warm up and fine-tune their swing before going out on the course to put their best game into practice, and thus opt to be the winners of one of the three first prizes in each of the tournament categories: First Category (handicap up to 15.8), Second Category (handicap from 15.8 to 36) and the special “Scratch” category.


The course, designed by Pepe Gancedo, was an interesting challenge and required the best game of the players to achieve victory. Everyone was also able to enjoy a well-deserved rest at the 9th hole, where they were received by the Fenie Staff and AV Consultores, with a generous courtesy table that included Iberian ham, cheese and manzanilla wine.

In addition, as midday approached, due to the high temperatures that are being endured in the capital of the sun during these last days of summer, the sponsors decided to drive around the course to give all the players additional bottles of water.

Antonio Ariza, manager of AV Consultores, wanted to highlight the importance of this sporting event with the following words;

“For Feníe Energía and AV Consultores it is a real pleasure to collaborate once again with Chaparral Golf in this sporting event, since it allows us the great luxury of enjoying a day of fellowship with friends and clients in such a close way, enjoying the sport in the world capital of golf.”

Results of the II Gran Premio Fenie Energía de AV Consultores

In the Scratch category, Eliseo Martínez Campos won with 47 points with a difference of nine points compared to the second classified David Garrido Jiménez with 38 points. A commendable result for the winner since David has been reaping great results showing great regularity in the last tournaments played at the club.

In the men’s First Category, Miguel Fuentes Collado was champion with 45 points, followed by Gabriel Navarrete with 43 points and Daniel Martínez Campos with 41 points.

In the Second Men’s Category, José Ruiz Rando won with 45 points followed by Fernando Schafer with 44 points, and José María Bernabéu with 43 points.

The winners of the special prizes of the tournament Closest to the mixed pin modality and the Longest drive in holes 18 and 13, were Miguel Ángel Aranda and David Garrido Jiménez.

Many thanks to the sponsors of the tournament, Fenie Energía and AV Consultores for their dedication to this event, without their involvement the success achieved would not have been possible. Special mention to Antonio Ariza and his entire family, for the trust placed in Chaparral Golf. The Club is already looking forward to the next edition in 2023!


Chaparral Golf Club is waiting for you all again, in a new tournament of the summer calendar, on August 6, the Chaparral XVI Aniversario tournament!

The biggest event of the year, with PRIZES FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS.