Tu Golf en Verano Tournament 2016


As usual, the tee off was at 9 o’clock in the morning shot, following the stableford format and with three categories: the first, from 0 to 17, and the second from 18 to 32, with the third one being the scratch category including all the female players. So far, this is the 6th tournament out of the 14 that make up the 2016 competition calendar of El Chaparral Golf Club, where more than 80 players gathered to settle who will rank higher in each of the different rankings.

Many good players were present. Among the usual members of El Chaparral Golf Club, great connoisseurs of the field, and most of them with low handicaps. In the case of this tournament, even the holidaymakers of Costa del Sol did not want to miss this opportunity.

Despite the muggy weather and wind, everybody could play their best golf and enjoy the good maintenance and condition of the course.

The absolute winner, both in the first category and the scracth, the young player from Córdoba Daniel Barbero, who surpassed the local player Hyde Williams by two points and Karl Eller, German club member, by three points.

As for the second category, Javier Vázquez won with 40 points.

As usual in these tournaments, a cocktail celebration followed at the end of the day paired with the awards ceremony and the traditional prizes raffle.


First Category
1.- Daniel Barbero 41 puntos
2.- Hyde Williams 39
3.- Karl Eller 38
4.- Enrique Escudero 34
5.- José Aguilar 34

Second Category
1.- F. Javier Vazquez 40 puntos
2.- Robert Gates 38
3.- J.A Cortés 37
4.- J. Antonio Alonso 33
5.- Aurelio Martínez 31

1.- Daniel Barbero 34 puntos
2.- Paul Neil 29
3.- Jorge Díez 27
4.- William Hyde 25
5.- Karl Heinz 24