Train your Body & Mind with Chaparral Golf Club

Train your Body & Mind with Chaparral Golf Club

Train your Body & Mind – get ready for the reopening.

To reach a better experience and score on your next round of golf check out the following exercises.
It is as important to train your body as to exercise the control of your mind for better results in this strategic sport.

Focus on yourself and get ready for the reopening!


Train your Body & Mind – get ready for the reopening. It´s extremly important to have a strong core when playing golf. Stronger muscles will improve your golf swing, for stronger and more technical movements.  A fit core will give you better balance and prevent back injuries.
If you prefer to follow a prescheduled training program you may find several turorials online for free. 
Check out these effective exercises! 

Squats  will focus on your butt and legs, improving your balance and coordination. Make a schedule of a variety of squat ecercises to stay motivated.

Sit ups. Find a program of different types of sit ups to work all stomach muscles, centre and sides. If you’re up for a challenge – search for 2 weeks abs challenge.

Deadbug excercises will strengthen and stabilize your core, spine and back muscles.

Plank will tone and develop several core muscles such as biceps, neck, shoulder and arm muscles.

Side plank will tone your shoulders, obliques, and legs from heel to hip. This exercise also strengthens the deep muscles of your lower back, and will help those who tend to suffer from lower-back pain.

Push-ups will build up your upper body involving the triceps, pectoral muscles and shoulders. When done correctly, they will also strengthen your lower back and core. For low impact, do the exercises resting the weight on your knees instead of your toes.

Jumping rope – yes!! Find your old jumping rope and get your cardio to the top. It will not only make you overall more energetic during the round of golf but also improve your focus under stress.


Check out these exercises online to work on your flexibility. They may be used after your work-out program as well as a warm up before your round of golf.
Standing Shoulder Stretch
Side Stretch
Standing QuadStretch
Standing Hip Opener
Pelvis rotation


Yoga will tune your whole body. Check out for individual exercises or join a program online.

Yoga will directly influence your game by improving your strenght and flexixibility.

After a few weeks of training you will not only notice a better strength and flexibility, but also a much better mental focus. All these components are essential for a better game once you´re back on the course.

Chaparral Golf Club will put your new abilities on the test!  We will see you soon!


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