A breathtaking view of Malaga, with its historic landmarks, vibrant streets, and stunning coastal scenery, showcasing the beauty of this enchanting city.

Celebrating the Essence of Dia de Andalucia

28 of February: A Tribute to Andalusian Heritage As we approach the 28th of February, a significant date in the calendar, we eagerly anticipate celebrating Dia de Andalucia. Join us on a journey to discover the essence of this special day from its historical significance to the vibrant festivities that fill the streets of our

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Captain´s Day 2022

Captain’s day 2022 On August 18, Chaparral Golf Club celebrated the tournament “Captain´s Day”. The captains of Chaparral, Joyce Toms (Ladies Captains) and John Scase (Men’s Captain) were proud and happy to once again celebrate this important day after a 2 year break.  The competition was played in Individual Stableford modality, in two mixed categories

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XVI Anniversary Chaparral Golf Club

XVI Anniversary Chaparral Golf Club On Saturday, August 6, Chaparral Golf Club held one of the most important events of the year, the XVI Anniversary Tournament. The tournament marked the high point of the Chaparral summer competition calendar, and the day was carefully planned, with no detail left out. The entry list was opened a

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valentine´s day chaparral

Valentine´s Day

Valentine´s day!! The month of February is the shortest but also the most “loved” month of the year! For many of us it is the day to celebrate love and friendship, but do you know the origin of this special celebration? This holiday dates back to the third century in Rome, where a priest named

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Chaparral Golf Mijas

Train your Body & Mind with Chaparral Golf Club

Train your Body & Mind with Chaparral Golf Club Train your Body & Mind – get ready for the reopening. To reach a better experience and score on your next round of golf check out the following exercises. It is as important to train your body as to exercise the control of your mind for better results in

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The history of Golf and its origins

The history of Golf and its origins The history of Golf and its origins | Chaparral Golf Club Golf is a passion for people around the world and is well known for the amount of benefits it offers the players. Read the summary from Chaparral Golf Club of the hundreds of years of history of

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I Open British School of Malaga in Chaparral Golf Club

I Open British School of Malaga Sign up for our Parent & Child Tournament. Come and play in pair with your child or grandchild! The students of the British School of Malaga, in colaboration with Chaparral Golf Club organise this family fun game as part of a school project. All proceeds go to Cudeca. 9

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SALE in Chaparral Golf Boutique!

SALE in Chaparral´s Golf Boutique! Sale in Chaparral´s Golf Boutique. The game isn´t always perfect, but your outfit can be! Don´t miss the sale in Chaparral. Get your favourite clothes, shoes and caps, now with great discounts, until the end of February. Let the experienced staff help you find what you need for your next

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Chaparral Winter Offer!

Chaparral Winter Offer! Winter is here – but we don´t care… We don´t care, because we don´t have to! We play golf in the sunshine all year long. Winter Offer in Chaparral Golf Club Continue your season with great winter offers. Book your next round now! >> Spain, and especially south of Spain, is considered

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Chaparral´s Christmas & Happy New Year Offer!

Chaparral Christmas Offer! Chaparral Christmas Offer!  How would you like to celebrate Christmas this year? Chaparral Golf Club has prepared the perfect gift for you. Book with our Christmas offer for a different experience this holiday season!   Christmas in Malaga Take some time to get to know the Spanish Christmas traditions during your stay.

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atributo alt X Tournament Fuengirola hosted in Chaparral Golf Club

X Tournament Fuengirola in Chaparral Golf Club

X Tournament Fuengirola in Chaparral Golf Club X Tournament Fuengirola hosted in Chaparral Golf Club. Chaparral Golf Club celebrated the yearly Tournament of Fuengirola, last Saturday 23 of November. The event was organised by Club La Bandera in collaboration with the city hall of Fuengirola and Chaparral Golf Club. Celebrating its tenth edition, the competition has

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Black Friday in Chaparral Golf Club

Black Friday in Chaparral Golf Club Black Friday in Chaparral Golf, discounts on golf shoes, caps and clothes. “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” — Edith Head The Pro Shop in Chaparral Golf Club prepares for Black Friday and helps you getting ready for your next round of

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